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Untitled/ Gouache on Paper Size/ 16x18 /2016
Untitled/ Gouache on Paper Size/ 16x18 /2016
Untitled/ Gouache on Paper Size/ 16x18 /2016
Monster Rolling Across the Land /Resin and Gouache on Paper/ 16x18 /2016
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Self Conscious, Ink and nail polish on vellum
Untitled, Gouache and primo on paper, 9 ½ x 10 ½
Ectoplasm, gouache on paper, 11 ¾ x 17 ¾
Ectoplasm, gouache on paper, 11 ¾ x 17 ½
Sasha, gouache on paper, 12x18
Natasha, gouache on paper, 14 ½ x 19 ½
Swimming lessons, gouache on paper, 11 ½ x17 ¼,
Untitled, Acrylic and resin on panel. 8x8
Untitled, Acrylic and resin on panel, 8x8
Beast face, gouache on paper, 16 ¾ x 11 ¾,
Banana Leaf, gouache on paper, 12 ¾ 18
Masha, gouache on paper, 18 ½ x 13 ½
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This body of work is a curatorially minded exploration of creating a unified content using different methods of organizing information.

I am fascinated with passing feelings and short private moments of human interaction. In particular, I look for the humor in our struggle for balance. I find inspiration by looking both outward and inward. From these observations generate ideas that transform and evolve as I experiment with material and formal aspects of painting. In this exhibition, I have included a variety of different techniques and media. Figurative paintings from flat to rendered, as well as sculptural work, and a found object.

With this selection of work I’m interested in making the way in which I work visible; by bringing the parallel forms and ideas together to form a ”rhythm” that is reflective of what it feels like to the make work. The collection of “hands" is especially indicative of this. My hands are wringing in anticipation, hesitation, and reflection as I sit in the studio and work. The full panel communicates the feeling of busyness and movement, but also invites the viewer to concentrate on a single set of hands to investigate a single gesture.

Independent of an individual works primary direction, each new work is informed by the work made before it, creating a parallel experience.

“Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon”

This exhibit challenges artists to imagine what they’d create if they had 48 hours on the lunar surface with one accompanying astronaut to assist them.

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Wood, Safety blankets, Velcro, Hardware